• CSA releases summary of forensic report

    Former CEO Thabang Moroe has been severely implicated in the Fundudzi report, of which Cricket South Africa released a summary on Monday morning.

    Non-independent director on the CSA board, John Mogodi, addressed the media on the content of the forensic audit into operations at the governing body between January 2016 and December 2019.

    Mogodi listed numerous areas of concerns from the investigation, which heavily involves the misconduct Moroe was eventually fired for in August.

    While the scope of the investigation implicates a number of problems, the main one was to provide feedback on the allegations of Moroe.

    ‘The Fundudzi report was used in the proceedings to discipline Moroe, who was subsequently dismissed. The conduct of Moroe is dealt with extensively in the forensic report, and many of the
    recommendations are to act against him,’ said Mogodi.

    The revoking of accreditation of certain media members in December last year, CSA’s relationship with Saca, the appointment of a service provider for which CSA paid more than R3 million without Moroe following procurement policies and procedures and expenditures relating to CSA’s credit card, which include alcohol and travelling expenses, are just some of the serious themes in the report.

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    With Moroe no longer part of CSA, the organisation is now responsible to institute actions on the findings with the legal help of Bowman’s before the annual general meeting, which has been rescheduled for 5 December.

    Mogodi made it clear that CSA is serious in ridding the organisation of fraud and corruption and will be using the legal advice of Bowman’s to construct a road map for a better way forward. He also emphasised, as stated in the report findings, that a better structure of the CSA board is important for the future.

    ‘Although the forensic report is not a court judgement, and the findings and conclusions therein have not been tested, CSA takes the Fundudzi report recommendations and Bowman’s Attorneys’ reiteration, very seriously.

    ‘The members council is confident in the board’s ability to effectively address the challenges and to focus on protecting the long-term sustainability of Cricket South Africa,’ added Mogodi.

    The 20 main themes from the report:

    1. Revocation of media accreditation
    2. Relationship with Saca
    3. Allegations of non-responsiveness by CSA
    4. Appointment of ‘Service Provider X’
    5. Step-in rights at WPCA
    6. Step-in rights at NWC
    7. Framework agreement entered into between GSC and CSA
    8. Production agreement entered into between GSC and CSA
    9. Expenditures relating to CSA credit cards
    10. Extending loans to affiliates/unions
    11. Effectiveness of internal controls
    12. Examining payments related to tax and VAT liability
    13. Structure of the board
    14. Fraud detection and prevention
    15. Value-in-kind sponsorships
    16. Organisational design
    17. Appointment of Chantel Moon as head of HR
    18. Reviewing policies
    19. Review of key procurement contracts
    20. NSA Vulindlela agreements.



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