• Deciding week for Moroe

    Cricket South Africa’s suspended CEO Thabang Moroe could expectedly be fired in the coming week after compelling evidence of misconduct.

    Moroe and his lawyers met with CSA this past Thursday but due an extremely long dialogue, no decision over his future could be made.

    According to Rapport, Moroe could face the music in the coming days after he was informed by the governing body in July that there is more than enough reason for him to be dismissed.

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    Moroe was suspended in December last year after weeks of turmoil within the organisation and the resignation of board members due to mismanagement by the CEO.

    He has, however, been paid his full salary ever since as CSA continue to wait for on a full report from an independent audit into the operations of the organisation.

    It is believed that Moroe could be charged on as many as eight accounts but Motsoeneng Bill Attorneys, who is representing Moroe, wanted a disciplinary committee with an independent chair to conduct Moroe’s case.

    CSA decided against the request and Moroe had to appear in-front of the CSA board on Thursday.

    ‘The board has no interest in listening to our client’s concerns and was surprisingly eager to go ahead with the interrogation, despite legitimate evidence we presented recently. It creates a serious perception of prejudice,’ said Moroe’s attorney, Michael Motsoeneng Bill following the meeting.

    Meanwhile, a 32-man Proteas high-performance squad will travel to the Kruger National Park on Tuesday to rekindle their spirits after a tough season of on-field performances as they aim for a better future in the upcoming summer.

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