• Lawyer wants Moroe reinstated as CSA CEO

    The lawyer of the suspended CEO of Cricket South Africa, Thabang Moroe, says they have been fighting hard for Moroe to be reinstated in the role.

    Moroe was officially axed from the position in August last year after being placed on paid leave by CSA for almost nine months.

    With the case now heading for legal mediation, Michael Bill, who has been representing Moroe since his initial suspension back in December 2019, wants Moroe to return to CSA as the CEO.

    ‘The best possible outcome for us is that they reinstate him,’ Bill told Sport24.

    ‘We haven’t had a hearing on this matter even though we have been insisting. We declared a dispute to say these people [CSA] want to embark on this course where [Moroe] gets dismissed by people who don’t have the standing to or who are not even involved in some of the charges they are asking us about.

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    ‘We were taking a view that we need to go to arbitration, because this whole supposed disciplinary action that has taken place was not sanctioned by the contract that was entered into.

    ‘When you go to private arbitration, the steps in that process are that you’ve first got to negotiate, mediate and, if that fails, then you go to arbitration in front of a private arbitrator,’ he said.

    The findings of the Fundudzi report, which was eventually made public in December last year, severely implicated Moroe. The investigation was also started with the mandate to focus on some of Moroe’s actions in the previous 48 months.

    Moroe was thus asked to step aside by former CSA president Chris Nenzani, pending the independent investigation.

    ‘It went about it wrongly and I don’t think Thabang was dealt with justly,’ Bill added.

    ‘If they [CSA] had gone about it the right way, I think we would’ve probably finished the case.’

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