• Daniel Seha: the impact of strength and conditioning

    South Western Districts’ assistant strength and conditioning coach, Daniel Seha, featured in SA Cricket magazine’s October-December 2018 issue. Here is part two of the full transcript of our interview with Daniel back in September 2018.

    Tell us about your background in cricket as a player and a coach?

    They say, ‘Those who can’t do – teach,’ Jokes aside, I represented the Namibian National Age Group Teams from U13 through to U19 as a player. As I was finishing school I decided to further my studies at Stellenbosch University to study Sports Science. At the end of my first year at University, I volunteered to assist the Namibian U13B Team as a coach. I have never looked back from there, each year working my way through the age group teams.

    Daniel Seha, SWD

    I did many courses other than my degree, such as in sports massaging, video analysis and strength and conditioning courses and I worked unbelievably hard each year.

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    I believe a driven mindset with a passionate heart and a willingness to grow are keys for success. 2016 was the year it all started happening for me, being asked to help assist the Namibian U19 Team in their World Cup preparations as well as travelling on a few tours with the Namibian national men’s team as their analyst.

    Through these experiences, I started to fall in love with the technical and tactical side of the game and started to understand what is required for a high performance environment. I found coaching as my career from a young age and never looked back. I put myself in situations which asked a lot of me – and this helped me move through the ranks.

    What difference can strength and conditioning make to players in terms of staying injury-free but also when it comes to performing at the highest level?

    The human body was made to move – therefore, analysing the movements and energy systems important to cricket, and ensuring that these movements are stressed and targeted in the players programme is the pinnacle for professional sport. This ensures that players are able to perform longer and harder injury-free, but at the same time in an efficient manner – preserving energy.

    I would say that strength and conditioning is not the line between if a player will succeed or not, as there are many other important facets to cricket, but what it does do is add that extra per cent or advantage that will increase your chances of success or a longer career – and I will say that is very important.

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    Daniel Seha, SWD

    Have you seen the impact that effective and consistent strength and conditioning can make on raising performances?

    Oh yes, without a doubt. You will always get more naturally built athletes, who can move effortlessly and with ease. However, I can promise you the mental space and journey that a well-structured and monitored plan can take you on is life-changing. What it does is add that few per cent you may need to get you to the next level, hit the ball that little bit harder and for longer, chase the ball quicker and bowl 5kph faster.

    Daniel Seha is the new assistant strength and conditioning coach for the South Western Districts senior cricket team, in line with Cricket South Africa’s commitment to enhance senior provincial (SP) cricket in achieving the objectives of the player performance plan (PPP).


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