• CSA to hand parliament full report

    Cricket South Africa has been given until Friday to hand the full Fundudzi report over to the Parliamentary sports portfolio committee after a heated meeting between the two parties on Tuesday morning.

    CSA representatives, including acting president Beresford Williams and independent directors Marius Schoeman, Dr Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw and Dheven Dharmalingham, received heavy backlash from the committee’s chairperson, Beauty Dlulane, for delaying the release of the report’s summary to the committee ahead of Tuesday’s meeting.

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    ‘I saw a report in News24 about the same [Fundudzi] report that I was expecting we would the first to get,’ argued Dlulane.

    ‘We waited from June to August and almost five months down the line, we see this report in News24. I was then told that there is a summarised report in my emails and I asked for it to be to all members because we are having a meeting tomorrow. We did not have time to read it because we were in meetings.

    ‘Why should we wait five months and instead of being given the full report, we don’t even get given the [summary] report, which we saw in public platforms?

    ‘I am very disappointed with your leadership. You disrespected the same chairperson who gave you a chance whilst the members were saying don’t. You don’t even have the courtesy to prioritise the portfolio committee in Parliament.’

    John Mogodi, from the members council, released the report summary to the media on Monday morning, making investigation findings public for the very first time.

    Schoeman, chairperson of the CSA audit, also had to defend the legality of the report after committee members raised concerns that it was tampered with to protect those implicated.

    ‘I can categorically state that there was no tampering. It would be prudent also that we request Fundudzi to provide the portfolio committee with the assurance that there was no interference with the investigation and that there was no limitation on the work that they’ve done,’ said Schoeman.

    ‘The only challenges that they had, has been that because of Covid protocols, they had to adapt in terms of making their audit.’

    CSA has until Friday afternoon 4:30pm to hand the full report over to the sports portfolio committee.

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