• ‘You’re better than that’ – Lehmann

    Ex-Aussie coach Darren Lehmann has had an online dig at fans having a laugh after sandpaper was distributed outside The Oval.

    Lehmann hit out at the fan who posted an image of the sandpaper being handed out before Australia’s first match since their ill-fated SA tour, which Australia lost to England by three wickets.

    ‘Your better than that,’ chided Lehmann on his account to @AlisonMitchell, forgetting the irony that his players should have been better than using sandpaper to cheat in the first place.

    The sandpaper was handed out as a promotional stunt and sources claim that around 5000 pieces of sandpaper were confiscated inside The Oval. Naturally, fans on Twitter took the time to indulge in some mostly good-humored banter.

    Main photo: twitter.com/AlisonMitchell

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    Simon Lewis