• WATCH: Simon’s Greatest (YouTube) Hits

    Yesterday we bounced past the 1,000,000 view mark on our YouTube channel … so today editor SIMON LEWIS lays out his top five YouTube videos from the past three months.

    1. The Petersen-Pite Show at the Mangaung Oval

    I’ve seen this pair of Knights batsmen making runs all around the country this season, so after they set a third-wicket record partnership of 213 runs in a Knights-Cape Cobras clash, it was the perfect opportunity to chat to them.

    With their base in Bloemfontein and SA Cricket’s offices in Cape Town, we did a telephonic interview and edited footage of their partnership (courtesy of Cricket South Africa) to give readers a taste of some of the exciting 4-Day Franchise Series action happening in South Africa, along with headshots of each player to accompany their soundbites.

    2. The art of extra effort in the field – Lutho Sipamla

    This was just a short little video we put together about a seemingly arbitrary moment – yet for me this was also a moment of great cricketing depth. It allowed us to share an important tip about fielding, while also paying tribute to Lutho’s commitment in the field.

    Cricket’s not all about fours, sixes and cartwheeling stumps … these other little moments play a big part in the fabric of the game.

    3. SWD’s ‘fantastic, indescribable, incredible win’ over North West

    What a match this was in the 3-Day Cup, a tournament not many people pay much attention to, or even know when it’s on the go! That’s why I was excited to interview SWD’s assistant coach as well as strength and conditioning coach, Daniel Seha, a dynamic young cricket professional, to get some insight and background into the match and the team.

    I liked the way we were able to combine two sweeping pan shots of the ground that allowed us to set the scene for the drama that followed, and then combined that with actual match footage (thanks Pitchvision!) in addition to the audio of Daniel talking about the match and his great group of players.

    4. The Joshua Richards interview

    Richards has exploded on to the first-class scene since making his debut in October. I wasn’t able to interview him face-to-face, so we did a telephonic link and added some photos of his from our archives, as well as of his recent innings against the touring Pakistan side (he scored 97 in the first innings of the match).

    Richards is a great young man with such a good attitude about his game and how he prepares himself for action. Hope to see him go far.

    5. Fine fielding moments, Warriors vs Cape Cobras

    I love this video, because it gave us a chance to spot some awesome moments of cricket action from the 4-Day Series that most fans wouldn’t have seen. By editing the footage from Cricket South Africa (and slowing down the action at certain points), it allowed us to shine a light on the techniques of the batsmen, bowlers and fielders.

    BONUS CALL: Five great Cobras strikes

    Another great video where we were able to highlight those awesome moments when ball beats bat in the 4-Day Franchise Series. Smashing stuff!


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