• MILESTONE: Our Greatest (YouTube) Hits

    Yesterday we bounced past the 1,000,000 view mark on our YouTube channel … so we thought today would be the right time to look back at our greatest YouTube hits over the past 21 months.

    1. Darren Lehmann cries as he resigns – 110K views

    What a hectic time for the SACricketmag.com team as Sandpapergate exploded at Newlands. The irony of this video was not lost on us when you look at number four on the list below!

    2. Cameron Bancroft gets a send off – 95K views

    That’s what you get from the crowd when you play ‘hide the sandpaper’, mate!

    3. Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith admit to ball tampering – 83K views

    Ever watched a car crash? How things seem to happen in slow motion? For Cameron Bancroft in particular, that’s what happens here as Australian cricket flies over a cliff – a crash from which they might never recover.

    4. Darren Lehmann disgusted by SA fans behaviour – 49K views

    The Aussie coach was quite right to be appalled by the alleged behaviour of some of the South African fans towards his players. Crossing the line by abusing members of a player’s family is simply not on and is inexcusable.

    However, there is an irony here, since within 48 hours three members of the Australian cricket team had been embroiled in one of cricket’s greatest cheating scandals of all time. Disgusted indeed!

    5. Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri address the media – 48K views

    At last, a break from the men from Down Under, as two Indian legends (Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli) chat to the media after their 5-1 ODI series victory over the Proteas in South Africa.


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