• Watch: Boeta Cassiem undergoes cataract surgery

    Newlands’ favourite ice-cream seller, Boeta Cassiem, has undergone the first of two eye surgeries to remove cataracts, following mass donations from the South African public and even cricket lovers from across the world.

    A few weeks ago Cassiem spoke to EWN about the challenges he currently faces under the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial strain its had on him and his family.

    His biggest wish, however, was to have cataracts removed from his eyes, but that he couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery.

    This led to a massive call across social media by cricket fans to try and assist Cassiem with financial help to have the surgery.

    And, on Saturday morning, Cassiem left the Life Peninsula Eye Hospital in Cape Town in typical good spirits after a successful first operation with the 66-year-old immediately saying he can already see much better.

    ‘I can see. I feel great. I feel like a young man, I’d like to say thank you to all the people from all over the world. I didn’t think I had so many fans or people that liked so much,’ he said.

    ‘Thank you for supporting me and standing behind me. I want to send you blessings.’

    Photo: EWN Sport

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