• Timeline of chaotic period for CSA

    It’s been a turbulent year and a bit at administration level for Cricket South Africa. SACricketmag.com looks at seven key incidents that led to this chaotic mess.

    30 May 2019: The South African Cricketers’ Association (Saca) decides to take CSA to court over uncertainty regarding the governing body’s idea to form a restructuring plan for the country’s domestic set-up.

    29 October 2019: Interim director of cricket Corrie van Zyl, chief operating officer Naasei Appiah and commercial manager Clive Eksteen are suspended following a dispute between CSA and Saca regarding the inaugural Mzansi Super League. The players body claims CSA owes the Saca Trust R2.5 million for a commercial agreement surrounding player rights in 2018. A few days later Saca slams CSA for the three suspensions, saying CEO Thabang Moroe was responsible for the payment obligations as he signed the agreement.

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    1 December 2019: The start of the month from hell. CSA revokes the accreditation of five well-known cricket journalists for their reporting on sensitive issues within the organisation. This causes a massive social media attack on CSA, which forces the governing body to reverse its decision and reactivate the accreditation of those journalists.

    3, 4 December 2019: CSA board members Iqbal Khan and Shirley Zinn resign due to misconduct by Moroe, blaming the CEO for the issues that led to the severe mess disrupting the organisation.

    6 December 2019: CSA is dealt a heavy blow when Standard Bank announces the termination of its contract with the organisation after 23 years of involvement due to recent events and damage caused to its reputation as a result. Hours later the news breaks that CSA has suspended Moroe with paid leave and charged him with misconduct, pending an investigation of failure of controls in the organisation. An independent audit is launched at CSA, set to take up to six months.

    11 June 2020: Moroe is denied entry at the CSA head offices in Johannesburg after the sixth-month period expired. Moroe is advised by his lawyer that is within his rights to return to work after CSA failed to meet its deadline to submit findings from the independent investigation. An urgent board meeting is called that evening and Moroe’s suspension upheld as a result.

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    16 June 2020: Clive Eksteen announces that he will be taking CSA to the CCMA after he was formally dismissed by the organisation two days before after an unsuccessful appeal to being found guilty of wrongdoings at board level.

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