• Sportsbet in hot water over Smith odds

    Australian betting company Sportsbet have withdrawn odds on minor matches featuring former Test captain Steven Smith.

    Smith, who is serving a Cricket Australia-imposed ban from international cricket after admitting to ball-tampering during the tour of South Africa earlier this year, is currently playing for Sutherland Cricket Club.

    Sportsbet afforded customers the opportunity to bet on Smith scoring a half-century or century – or taking a wicket.

    A longstanding agreement between Cricket Australia and approved bookmakers prevents bets being offered at club cricket level.

    ‘We have followed up in this instance with Sportsbet to warn them of the breach. Given the low turnover on the market, we’ve accepted their apology as a genuine mistake and also reminded other providers of their obligations,’ a CA spokesperson told Fairfax Media.

    Smith played alongside ex-Test skipper Steve Waugh’s son, Austin, earlier this month. Waugh junior is also a Sutherland Cricket Club member.

    ‘I don’t want to comment particularly on Austin, but it’ll be a great experience for all young players involved,’ Waugh senior told the Australian Associated Press at the time.

    ‘It’s a huge opportunity and it’s going to fast-track their learning so much.

    ‘I don’t know Steve that well personally, but watching from the sidelines, you know he’s not going to sell himself short in terms of preparation, commitment, dedication and passion. That will all be there, no matter where he’s playing.’

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