• Smith blames Spidercam

    Watch Australia captain Steve Smith blame Spidercam after dropping a catch from India’s KL Rahul on Thursday.

    Smith appeared to complain that the Spidercam used by host broadcaster Channel Nine interfered with his line of sight when he dropped a straightforward catch during the morning session on day three of the Sydney Test.

    Smith was distracted in his vision and missed the chance, immediately pointing above towards the wires that suspend Spidercam above the play.

    On Nine’s commentary, Ian Healy described the incident as Smith tossed the ball away in disgust: ‘I think it’s hit Spidercam, which means dead ball. Had to happen one day, looks like it is today … he’s got the sun to contend with, then he changes direction.¬†Might not have hit the wire, might have just distracted him.’

    The camera was rapidly moved higher and away from the field of play after the incident.

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