• Servest partners with cricket greats

    Servest has partnered with cricket greats to provide an INVISI Smart solution to usher in a new era of cleaning and hygiene in the facilities management industry.

    Servest will now offer its corporate and household customers a groundbreaking and sustainable anti-microbial coating known as INVISI Smart that has been scientifically proven to offer a protective barrier on any surface by destroying 99.99% of germs for a period of one year after only a single application.

    This invisible anti-microbial coating is owned by cricket greats Jacques Kallis, Dale Steyn, Dave Rundle, together with biosafety visionary Andrew Smith.

    “The solution emits light and oxygen molecules from the atmosphere that bind to minerals in the INVISI coating which activates an antimicrobial barrier against the pathogens, that lasts for an entire year,” explains Smith. “This results in less pollution, less waste and fewer chemicals in the ecosystem.

    “Furthermore, the coating can be applied by a spray applicator to any surface including textiles, fabrics, steel glass and plastics. The solution has a proven track record and is being used by healthcare offices, sports arenas, and property facilities all around the world. Years of research have proved that the INVISI Smart shield remains on the surface even after routine cleaning and daily use. The solution only needs to be applied once a year and this increases safety, lowers costs and contributes to less waste.”

    The patented science has been tested and endorsed by some of the top medical schools and research institutions in the world, including the Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease at the University of Cambridge, the Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and the King’s College in London.

    “We are excited about this partnership as it promises to revolutionise how businesses, industries and homes will disinfect against viruses and contaminants in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner,” says Billy Wiggill, managing director of Servest Cleaning. “We have tested this coating in retail facilities and in our 25 years in business, we have not come across a solution close to it.

    “At Servest, we have always striven to stay ahead of the curve by adopting the latest trends and innovations and this partnership offers us just that. We are of the view that this partnership will be a game changer in the industry. It will also give us the opportunity to up the ante in cleanliness and provide our customers with lasting solutions that will address their pain points.”

    Jacques Kallis says the partnership with Servest is indicative of synergies between two entities that share a common passion for harnessing the power of technology to improve hygiene.

    “When we considered a partner for INVISI Smart, Servest emerged as the natural entity that we could team up with because of their ethos and footprint across Africa.” Kallis says.” Working with Servest, we can offer an unrivalled technology that will change how spaces are protected and disinfected. The solution’s versatile nature means it can be applied to large surfaces such as in an airport, at sports facilities or a small space like on a keyboard in an office and even on a pair of shoes. The beauty of INVISI Smart is that it reduces carbon emissions too. It also provides added protection from cross-contamination with just one spray per year on surfaces.”

    INVISI’s board members are global experts on bacteria and viruses, and they are passionate about population safety, which is why the coating contains no harsh chemicals.

    Unlike other antimicrobial products, INVISI Smart coating is composed of natural minerals, it is also completely non-toxic and kind to the environment. All its ingredients are sustainably sourced.

    The INVISI Smart coating has a unique twin action. In addition to protecting surfaces from bacteria and viruses, the surrounding air of coated surfaces is disinfected 24/7 by the grounding effect while its coating enables a self-cleaning action.

    For every order placed, INVISI Smart has pledged to provide free protection to aid vulnerable communities.

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    Simon Borchardt