• Should SA look to the future, not the past, for T20 World Cup?

    Amidst the rumours of AB de Villiers returning to the South African Proteas, there has been some controversy amidst the discussions. Many are wondering if it is wise to take back the retired 36 year old star batsman while others are urging the reintroduction of the cricketer. This move could be a game-changer and also impact T20 World Cup betting. Additionally, it could tip the scales either in favour of de Villiers bringing South Africa fame or the move could cost South Africa its glory. So the question really is, should SA cricket move forward and make room for younger more promising players, or should de Villiers return for some nail-biting action?

    Graeme Smith of de Villiers Return to Proteas for T20 Cup

    CSA director, Graeme Smith, has opened up to the public about his thoughts on former team player, de Villiers. In a statement, the famed cricketer said that it would be remiss if they didn’t look at the possibility of de Villiers making a return and the very real possibility of such a comeback was being discussed. He proceeded to say that the door remains open should de Villiers wish to aid South Africa in a victorious match in the T20 World Cup.

    But what does this mean for the team? Faf du Plessis has been omitted from the T20, adding pressure to the team. However, Smith said the team had a player to fill the big boots of du Plessis. According to the CSA director, Quinton de Kock has been yearning to shine and now could very well be his moment in the T20.

    The change up could be just what the team needs and is an opportunity for many to show their value. However, not having Faf and de Villiers on the team could pose an issue as well.

    AB de Villiers On Making a return

    Just before the outbreak of the virus, the T20 World Cup and de Villiers were set to go. However, new circumstances have presented themselves and as a result de Villiers isn’t sure about his return to the Proteas. He told his audience that he desperately wanted to play in the T20 2020 World Cup, however, there was no date on when the event would take place due to the virus.

    With that being said, he said he wasn’t sure if he would be fit enough to perform at his level of excellence should he not be fit and out of practice. He wants success for South Africa but having been retired for almost 2 years could prove to be the downfall of the team at the T20.

    Perhaps his return would be just what the South Africans need to take the T20 but then again it could be time for other players to show ability and skill, creating a more united and fitter team.

    Mark Boucher is eager to have de Villiers backing the Proteas in Australia when the T20 begins and has even made it public on his desire to include de Villiers in the match.

    De Villiers is keen on making are turn to international cricket but it remains unclear at this point if it is likely that he will. There is a very good chance that is he misses his window of opportunity he will most likely never don his cricketer jersey again. The result of him being in the T20 is based on the outcome of the coronavirus and whether or not the cricket season will begin before 2021. There have been rumours that the cricket season and the T20 will only resume in 2021 which could be dire for not only cricketers but the industry as a whole.

    Whether or not de Villiers would still be a good fit at that point remains to be seen and whether or not he will once again be a star player will only be known if he does in fact join South Africa on Australian soil.

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