• Roy remains a big threat in the field

    Batsman Jason Roy is determined to remain a threat in the field, too, as England pursue a maiden title at the ongoing World Cup in the United Kingdom.

    Roy is a kingpin at the top of the order – and starred with a fine half-century in victory over South Africa at The Oval in London earlier this week. He was also outstanding in the field, saving several runs at backward point and surrounds.

    ‘We’ve been incredible with the bat and ball, but our fielding has sometimes let us down. We pride ourselves on our fielding, but we have been disappointed quite a lot with our fielding over the last year,’ said Roy.

    ‘As a collective it was very good at The Oval. Everything gets logged and the analysts told us it was our best ever fielding performance. The best ever recorded in the four-year period, anyway – 60 runs were saved, which is pretty impressive.

    ‘We’re really proud. You get a buzz out of it. You know that if you’ve saved a one and that guy is on strike and then there’s a wicket, you feel like you’ve played a part in it.

    ‘I’m not a bowler, so if I don’t do so well with the bat then I can add to my performance. In this game I got a 5- and would have liked to go on, but if I’ve saved 20 runs in the field then that is like a 70-run contribution. That fielding performance is as good as it gets from us so far.’

    England, meanwhile, have confirmed limited-overs batting coach Mark Ramprakash’s tenure will soon end.

    ‘I feel the time is now right for me to move on from my role at the England and Wales Cricket Board and seek to further and broaden my career,’ concluded Ramprakash.

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