• Rhodes pokes fun at Hayden injury

    Former South African batsman Jonty Rhodes has quipped at ex-Australian batsman Matthew Hayden’s head injury, sustained during a recent surfing accident.

    Hayden suffered fractured vertebrae and torn ligaments after crashing into an under-water sandbank at Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

    The incident left him with a forehead scar, which Rhodes’s tongue-in-cheek remark likened to a geographical illustration of the Indian state Tamil Nadu.

    ‘Is that a map of the Tamil Nadu coast you are wearing on your forehead? Real commitment, buddy! Some of us softies take the easy option and just get tattoos,’ Rhodes wrote on Instagram.

    The South African, like the Australian, is an avid surfer. Both have relished several stints playing and coaching in India. Rhodes has a daughter named after the country.

    Image: Instagram

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