• Revisiting the 2013 banter

    With David Warner in hot water for his chirp to Rohit Sharma, and Andrew Flintoff weighing in with his comments about sledging, we look at the war of words that took place in the most 2013 Ashes series, during the first Test at the Gabba.

    Warner, then to the media, on England in general and Jonathan Trott in particular: ‘England are on the back foot. It does look like they’ve got scared eyes at the moment. The way Trotty got out today was pretty poor and weak.’

    Michael Clarke to James Anderson on the fourth day: ‘You better get ready for a broken f***en arm, mate.’

    Alistair Cook: ‘Warner’s comments were disrespectful, but on the pitch it’s pretty much a war, isn’t it? There are always going to be a few words.’

    Darren Lehmann: ‘I like our boys being aggressive without crossing the line. If [someone] crosses the line, the ICC will deal with it.’

    Clarke responded: ‘Through my career, there has always been banter on the cricket field and I cop as much as I give, that’s for sure. I’ve heard a lot worse said on a cricket field.’

    Steve Waugh backed the Aussie captain: ‘That’s Test match cricket. It’s tough out in the middle.’

    David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd didn’t agree: ‘We have the benefit of using a stump microphone on Sky, and I have to say that some of the stuff that was going on there went too far. David Warner came out with some really nasty, horrible stuff.’

    Finally, Warne and Flintoff got stuck in on Twitter:

    @Warne888: I think it’s a disgrace that @MClarke23 has been fined. What about what Jimmy Anderson said to Bailey, which wasn’t heard.

    @Warne888: Unfortunately only Clarke’s reaction to Anderson’s was heard live, we all heard Anderson’s sledge that led to Clarke reacting!

    @Warne888: To me it should just stay out in the middle. They all shook hands, had a giggle & moved on. By fining Clarke it’s made a big deal out of it.

    @Warne888: Lastly, as an international sportsman, if you decide to dish it out ie sledging, you have to be prepared to cop it back too & not complain.

    @Flintoff11: Pipe down princess @warne888!

    @Flintoff11: Shouldn’t be getting too righteous about sledging! Don’t agree with a lot of it but heard a lot worse from the Aussies and our lads before.

    @Flintoff11: Anyway doesn’t “break a leg/arm” mean a way of saying good luck?

    @Flintoff11: Bad news @MClarke23 has had to cancel his stand up tour 2014 due to lack of material! Maybe the hysterical @davidwarner31 can stand in!

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