• READER STORY: The worst dismissal in the history of junior cricket

    A reader bravely confesses to having the batting talent (or less) of New Zealand ‘bunny’ Chris Martin (Test ave 2.36).

    During my cricket-playing days in school, I was a bowler and a specialist Chris Martin-type number 11 batsman.

    One day, during a U14 game between Simla Primary School and Everest Primary School in 2008, I went to the crease and at that moment everyone knew the game was lost as we needed about 40 more runs with just one wicket in hand.

    I got out in spectacular fashion.

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    Before the ball was bowled, I was already standing half-way down the crease preparing to run and get on strike as soon as possible. Without even bowling, the bowler stumped me and I was given out.

    Everyone at the ground burst into laughter.

    – Eshlin VedanĀ 

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    Simon Lewis