• Rabada on ‘angry, immature’ Kohli

    Fast bowler Kagiso Rabada has criticised batsman Virat Kohli, during his IPL stint earlier this year. 

    Rabada played against Kohli during the Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore fixture in the Indian Premier League earlier this year.

    ‘I was just thinking about the game plan, really, but Virat, he hit me for a boundary and then he had a word. And then when you give it back to him, he gets angry. I don’t get the guy,’ Rabada was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

    ‘Maybe he does it because it gets him going, but that comes across as very immature for me. He is a phenomenal player, but he can’t take the abuse. But those things can’t distract you.

    ‘In fact, for me, it just wakes me up, if anything. If somebody comes at me and says, “I’m going to hit you. I’m going to clobber you. You are soft”, it wakes me up because – it’s a fight-or-flight response.’

    South Africa and India have contested 83 ODIs since the first in 2001. The Proteas have won 46 and the Indians 34, with three no-results. They played a six-match series early last year, which India won five-one.

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