• Progress in T20 cricket too slow

    South Africa’s inconsistency in T20I cricket has been disappointing.

    I don’t think we are making a lot of progress in that format of the game; the players seem deflated since the World Cup. Who New Zealand select or do not select shouldn’t affect how we approach the games and how we play.

    I feel as if we have maybe lost the significance of losing, with so many cricket being played. The only way to continue to be good is to continue to win. Every match counts and should count, but players are getting rested or rotated regularly and I don’t always understand why.

    Playing cricket for your country is a full-time job – all games are important. South Africa should field their best possible XI in all three ODIs against New Zealand, irrespective of the fact that the Blacks Caps are missing so many first-choice players.

    I am concerned over the form and contribution of Faf du Plessis and JP Duminy, even though neither of them played in these two T20 matches.

    Duminy, especially, has been disappointing as a specialist batsman. He fits into the side as one of the bowlers, but he is a specialist batsman first and should be judged accordingly.

    I think he has become over-reliant on his role as an all-rounder to keep him in the side and I would argue that his bowling contributions should be a bonus, not the main reason he gets picked to play. Batting is his primary role in the team.

    Generally speaking I feel that South Africa should be putting together better performances with the players at their disposal. The general management of the players must be more decisive and aggressive because we are still making too many basic mistakes.

    South Africa need to win the ODI series and do so convincingly while playing the best team instead of resting some players and rotating others.

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    Graeme Pollock