• Pringle wants better helmets

    The former Protea has dished out plenty of bouncers in his time, but perhaps most famously was felled by a Javagal Srinath bumper.

    In the aftermath of the Phillip Hughes tragedy, some members of the cricketing fraternity have suggested that bouncers should be done away with. However, Meyrick Pringle, a man who has been at the receiving end of an unpleasant situation strongly disagrees.

    ‘Bouncers should never be scrapped,’ Pringle told ABP Live from Port Elizabeth. ‘If that happens then it will take away the zip from Test cricket. Instead, the helmet manufacturers should take a look at their products. The objective should be to protect the back of the head.

    ‘I think something should be done to the back of helmets . Many a time, a batsman turns away from getting hit on the face only to expose the back of his head which is not protected by the helmet. The ICC should take strict measures to ensure that the players too wear proper helmets.’

    After being hit by a bouncer in his playing days, which injured his eye, Pringle has a good idea of how such situations effect a team. He believes the recent death of Hughes will make India’s task of beating Australia even more difficult.

    ‘They [Australia] will be even more determined to win the Test series and also the World Cup, just for Hughes. When you take the field, such things actually don’t play on your mind. You tend to forget them while on the field. The target remains to dedicate a stunning victory to the dear teammate,’ concluded Pringle.

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