• Poll: Should Boucher stay on as Proteas head coach?

    Following the damaging testimony against him at Cricket South Africa’s Social Justice and Nation Building (SJN) hearings and his subsequent response, should Mark Boucher be allowed to continue in his role as Proteas head coach?

    Speaking at Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Social Justice and Nation Building hearings last month, Paul Adams revealed several instances of racial discrimination, including being nicknamed “brown sh**” by his teammates, across his playing and coaching career.


    While the former South African spinner didn’t initially name Boucher, he later admitted that the current Proteas coach was one of his teammates who referred to him as a “brown sh**”.

    Boucher has since been heavily criticised, with many asking him to appear before the SJN hearings to state his case, while others are calling for his head as Proteas coach.

    In the latest twist, it has been confirmed that Boucher’s lawyers have handed in two affidavits to the transformation ombudsman a fortnight ago.

    In one affidavit, he apologises unreservedly to Adams for any offence and hurt he might have caused during their playing days while, in the other, he vehemently rejects the allegations levelled against him.

    This poll has ended (since 2 years).

    Should Mark Boucher keep his job as Proteas head coach?

    Yes. He should be allowed to handle this internally.
    No. He should do the right thing and step down.
    Let's wait and see if anything else comes out about this issue.

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