• Paine calls out Stokes’ hypocrisy

    Tim Paine has taken Ben Stokes to task for encouraging his side’s fans to get involved in the game but then cry foul when another set of fans do the same.

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    The Australian captain was speaking ahead of his side’s short-format tour of South Africa which has already seen its fair share of drama this summer.

    Stokes was involved in an incident with a fan which led to nasty scenes but Paine believes the England star is something of a hypocrit when dealing with fan issues; a phenomenon all sides have to cope with.

    Now, the next set of visitors arrive to a hostile reception following the incidents of the previous tour which saw them leave disgraced following ‘SandpaperGate’.

    ‘Absolutely, all the time. And it wasn’t just Steve and Dave, it was everyone,’ said Paine.

    ‘This is one of the things that’s always irked me, particularly with the English. You cannot react to the crowd [like Stokes in Johannesburg], but then always encourage the Barmy Army to do exactly the same, and worse – abuse players.’

    ‘Like we had in Edgbaston … they clap them at the end of the days’ play and make a big point of thanking them, as like the 12th man, or 13th player.

    ‘Then a little thing like that [Stokes being called Ed Sheeran], they react and all of a sudden, “We’re getting abused from the crowd, we’re getting this, we’re getting that.”

    ‘That’s international cricket, just get on with it. It frustrates me, it really does.’

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    Wade Pretorius