• NZCPA: Sexual consent is crucial

    The New Zealand Cricket Players Association (NZCPA) has included sexual relationship guidelines in its latest players’ handbook.

    The guidelines are printed in a section labelled, ‘sexual consent’ – and state, ‘Making good decisions is important in all aspects of life. This is particularly important when relating to sexual relationships, and especially around matters of consent. No matter the situation, sexual consent is crucial.’

    The NZCPA’s programme on the potential risks faced by cricketers ― which includes issues regarding doping and coping with life after retiring from cricket ― has run for over five years. However, this is reportedly the first time it has been included in the players’ handbook.

    ‘If people are making good decisions they’re aware of the risks around being a professional cricketer and are aware of the importance of respect and responsibility, then they’re going to be skills and attributes they’re going to have for life no matter what career they’re involved in,’ NZCPA chief executive Heath Mills told New Zealand Herald.

    ‘There’s a whole heap of pages in here, and they’re all aspects of the personal development programme that we run. Good decision-making is one aspect of it.

    ‘We have always taken the view for our members that they become members when they start playing and they’re members of the players’ association for life, so we want to educate them and help them as much as we can with off-field matters and personal growth and development.’

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