• NZ coach reckons sharing of World Cup should be considered

    New Zealand head coach Gary Stead has suggested the World Cup be shared, if 100 overs of standard play can’t decide a winner in future finals.

    In Sunday’s final against England at Lord’s the scores were tied after 100 overs – and the Super Over was also deadlocked. The English were awarded the title on the back of a superior boundary count.

    ‘Perhaps when you play over a seven-week period and can’t be separated on the final day, that is something should be considered as well,’ said Stead.

    ‘But again, that’s one consideration over a whole lot of things that went on over the World Cup. Everything will be reviewed, and I think that it’s a good time to do it now. But probably just let the dust settle for a while.

    ‘The hard thing I find is a 50-over competition being decided on a one-over bout, just doesn’t seem quite right, but then I don’t write the rules. That’s the way it goes.’

    Former international umpire Simon Taufel, meanwhile, has insisted England should have been awarded five runs, not six, after the ball ricocheted to the boundary off all-rounder Ben Stokes’ bat during the closing overs of Sunday’s fixture.

    ‘I actually wasn’t aware of the finer rule at the point in time. Obviously you are trusting the umpires in what they do. You throw that into the mix of few hundred other things that may have been different that we wouldn’t be just talking about one thing,’ said New Zealand captain Kane Williamson.

    ‘Two great campaigns. From our side of things, we are really proud of how the guys went about their business. And I am sure the English were as well, they had a great campaign. It sort of showed – we went toe to toe and it was the fine print that decided it.’

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