• Lamb: Stokes probably flips too quickly

    Former captain Allan Lamb has advised that England should keep all-rounder Ben Stokes ‘out of the limelight’ for the foreseeable future.

    Stokes was banned after his involvement in a brawl in Bristol last year, but has since returned – and is an integral part of England’s plans for next year’s World Cup and Ashes series.

    ‘Ben probably flips too quickly, especially if he has had a drink. Somebody might say something to him and he would throw the toys out the pram,’ Lamb told ESPNcricinfo.

    ‘Nowadays, it’s difficult for them – social media and cameras all over the place. But they are paid to do their job – and they have to behave. There are no excuses anymore.’

    Lamb weighed in on the ongoing comparisons between Stokes and former all-rounder Ian Botham.

    ‘Ben is a great player, but still has to do a lot more to be put in the category of Botham. I think when Stokes is firing, England do well. It is very similar to the heyday of Botham, when he got wickets and runs, England were winning. And the same goes for Stokes,’ added Lamb.

    ‘But you can’t rely on Stokes to get all the wickets and all the runs – everyone has to chip in. I wouldn’t put him right up there with the world’s best ever all-rounders yet.’

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