• ‘Ishant was the most p****d off’

    Captain Virat Kohli has revealed that fast bowler Ishant Sharma’s mood wasn’t entirely joyous after India beat Australia by 31 runs on day five of the first Test in Adelaide on Monday.

    Sharma clinched three wickets, but bowled five no-balls – one of which effectively afforded opposition opener Aaron Finch a lifeline.

    ‘Ishant was the most pissed off right now. We were all celebrating, but he was really, really angry with himself and we asked him why and he said, “I cannot afford to bowl a no-ball being a senior guy, and having played so much cricket in the crunch situation when the umpire could have given that out”. So that could have been the difference at a more important stage in the series,’ said Kohli.

    ‘It’s not a school team environment here. So, look, guys take ownership of those things, but they can commit mistakes. As long as the attitude is right, we look to correct those mistakes.

    ‘So this incident that’s happened, I am sure Ishant is going to be obsessed about not doing it again, just like how we improved our batting straightaway in the second innings at the top of the order. Guys want to learn as soon as they can, take responsibility themselves, and they are not hiding from it.

    ‘It’s not a case of not wanting to talk about it, but they are unhappy themselves that they made a mistake at a crunch situation, and come that situation again, they don’t want to do it. So that’s the most you can ask from any player playing for their country and that’s certainly the right attitude to have.’

    The second Test will start in Perth on Friday.

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