• Roebuck death inquest to be reopened

    An inquest into the death of cricket journalist Peter Roebuck will reportedly be reopened by South African prosecutors.

    Roebuck passed away in 2011, after falling from a hotel room in Cape Town. He was covering Australia’s Test series against South Africa at the time.

    Local police stated Roebuck committed suicide, after being confronted over allegations of sexual assault.

    South Africa’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Western Province, has been reviewing the case for several years. Roebuck’s family was not invited to a closed hearing in 2013.

    Three years later, inquest documentation believed to have been lost, was discovered and given to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    ‘From the outset, the family and supporters of the late Peter Roebuck have put their faith in the legal system of South Africa. It is important to all internationally recognised systems of justice that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done,’ barrister David Hood, who is representing the Roebuck family, said in a statement to the Mail on Sunday.

    ‘That could never have been with the death of Peter Roebuck, unless and until the circumstances of his death were examined at a legally convened hearing held in public with witnesses called and questioned under oath.’

    The inquest will allegedly examine the nature of the injuries sustained by Roebuck after falling from the sixth floor of the Southern Sun Hotel – and other claims.

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