• India retain lion’s share

    The ICC and the BCCI have reached an agreement over a new revenue model whereby India will receive $405-million during the 2016-2023 cycle.

    The agreement comes after the BCCI disputed the fact that their revenue was to be cut after an April vote taken by ICC member nations. As the largest income-generator in world cricket, India believed they were entitled to a sum of $570-million. The BCCI even threatened to withdraw from the Champions Trophy, a possibility that ultimately did not materialise.

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    The increase in India’s share will affect the other member nations. England, the second highest-earning nation, will receive $139-million. South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand and the West Indies will receive $128-million each, where previously they stood to receive $132-million each, while Zimbabwe will receive $94-million.

    Afghanistan and Ireland, who were both granted Test status, will split $240-million.

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