• ‘I’m still not over the World Cup’

    My involvement in the IPL has prevented him from dealing with the disappointment of South Africa’s World Cup campaign, says Dale Steyn.

    Steyn admitted in an interview with Wisden India that he still hadn’t processed losing the semi-final against New Zealand.

    ‘Four years, and it was gone just like that,’ said Steyn.

    ‘No, it’s still not behind [me], I’m just managing it right now. Most of us go from the World Cup straight to the IPL. So you have to find a mask and some kind of way to just cover that and deal with it later.

    ‘I don’t have the time to deal with a World Cup loss right now. To be honest with you, a guy like Davey [David Warner] doesn’t have the time to deal with winning the World Cup right now. Because winning the World Cup has got nothing to do with him walking out to bat at Kolkata. He needs to hit that next ball for four, or defend it. And winning the World Cup is not going to help him, while losing the World Cup is not going to help me run in and try and take the next wicket.

    ‘When I get some time off is when I’ll sit down, empty out that World Cup bag and go through the emotions of that. Once I’m done dealing with that, I’ll move on to the next thing again. It hurts, but it’s life, man. I understand that. I’ll unpackage that baby later and see where we went wrong. I’m really not too fazed now. It’s gone, it’s done, it’s over.’