• ICC wants to trial day/night Tests

    The ICC’s cricket committee wants member countries to start identifying opportunities to play Test matches that continue into the evening.

    Day/night Test matches was one of the major issues discussed by the cricket committee at a recent meeting.

    The cricket committee  received a report from the MCC on the four-day first class match played with pink balls in Abu Dhabi in March, and viewed the condition of the balls used in that match. They will strongly recommend to member countries that they should identify opportunities to play Test matches under lights.

    There was also discussion on the concept of four-day Test cricket, and while the committee was not of the view that Tests should be shorter than five days, it acknowledged that the game will need to be open to considering proposals in the future that look to enhance the public appeal of cricket’s oldest format.

    With regards to ODI cricket, the committee recommended there no longer be a batting powerplay, while at the same time five fielders should be allowed outside the circle in the last nine overs of ODI matches.

    This means that for the first 10 overs there will be two fielders outside the circle, for the next 30 overs there will be four fielders out and for the last 10 overs there will be five outside the circle.

    The committee says it was very encouraged by some of the attacking captaincy displayed during the World Cup, and believes these changes will allow fielding captains greater freedom to both attack and defend when required.

    They also suggested that free-hits be given for all no-balls in ODI and T20 cricket instead of just for front-foot calls.

    The cricket committee is chaired by former India spinner Anil Kumble.