• Cricket’s ‘Big 3’ to expand to ‘Big 5’?

    Administrators from India, England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand were in Mumbai on Monday to discuss plans to expand the leadership of world cricket.

    Former BCCI president N Srinivasan, who led the way for the creation of the ‘Big 3’, was at the discussions which indicate that the group are preparing to write to the ICC to address a number of concerns.

    Times of India report that India, England and South Africa have signed the letter which says that ‘arbitrary decisions are being taken without consulting the members who bring in the revenue’ and is causing harm to the game. It is unclear whether or not the signatures of the Australasian representatives have been secured but there is no foreseeable reason why this will not happen.

    The boards also want the BCCI’s place at the main table to be restored and the current ‘trial and error’ decision-making policies of the ICC should not cost the members financially.

    Talk of expanding the World T20 to 20 teams has caused a serious rift because of the lack of consultation with the most important members of the board.

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