• ICC eases fears over player safety

    The necessary security measures have been put in place for South Africa’s participation in the U19 World Cup in Bangladesh.

    Question marks over player security at the event continues after Australia announced they will not be sending their U19 team to Bangladesh after they were advised by their government.

    The International Cricket Council said it will continue to prepare for the tournament, which starts on 27 January, despite Australia withdrawing its team. Ireland have since accepted an invitation to take their place. Australia also cancelled their national team’s tour to Bangladesh last year.

    ‘The ICC takes its responsibilities around the safety and security of ICC events extremely seriously,’  ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said.

    ‘And taking into consideration the full and unequivocal support of the Bangladesh government that has been afforded to us at the highest level and through all local security agencies, the advice we have received from our own and independent security experts, and the robust security plan that has been developed, the ICC remains of the view the it is appropriate for event planning to continue as scheduled.’

    Tony Irish, chief executive of the South African Cricketers Association, told SACricketmag.com they are being advised by security experts on the situation in Bangladesh.

    ‘We rely on our security experts to analyse the situation,’ Irish said. ‘There is are two kinds of threats, a general one and a specific one. You then have to work out a plan for when we’re on the ground there, which has to be backed by the Bangladesh government, which it has been. Then we have to make sure that agreement is honoured when we are there.

    ‘We have a thorough strategy in place for the team and have the full backing of the Bangladeshi authorities to help us execute it so at this stage we are satisfied. If we get to Bangladesh and something changes or we don’t get the cooperation we were promised then we will reassess the situation.’