• Greatest ever South African cricketers

    South Africa has always been a country that has been rich in quality in sport whether that be rugby union, cricket or football. Due to this, they have been the home to some of the best sports stars not just in in South Africa but in their individual sports in the world. Because of this, we thought we’d look back into the history of South African cricket and look at who could be in contention for being their greatest ever player.

    Quite possible one of the greatest cricketers of all time, especially in the test series format, Jacques Kallis fully stamped his authority on being one of the greatest to come out of South Africa to play cricket having scored over 20,000 runs in all formats of the game. The best thing about Jacques Kallis was not just that he was an empathic stroker player with the cricket bat, but he was also quite handy with the bowl in hand too and bowled right-arm medium pace with over 1,000 wickets in all formats. He is now part of the England batting consultant team, and he will be looking ahead to see if England can win against India in which they are currently 1-1 in this series and many have tipped England as the underdogs to overturn their loss, with punters getting involved with sites listed at bettingsider24.com.

    Of course, we could not mention this list without mentioning one of the favourites amongst South African fans and that is Shaun Pollock, who is mainly known for his bowling attributes but later went on to be a low-order boundary machine which is why the fans took to him so well. Pollock played over 100 test matches for South Africa and over 300 ODI’s in which he seemed to prefer, due to the fast-paced environment and the entertainment values that it brought to fans seemed to be special for him. Pollock only scored two centuries in his whole career, however his first and possibly most popular amongst SA fans was in 2001 against Sri Lanka where he knocked 111 off 106 balls and was able to push SA to the win in tough conditions.

    And of more recent times, Hashim Amla has been the player of recent years in which when he first joined seemed to struggle to bed into the side and looked like his time in the test side was limited but is now a cult-hero. His awkward style and unorthodox ways of playing the game were one of the reasons that made him so special and proved that perfect technique doesn’t work for everyone as he went on to become South Africa’s third-highest run-scorer in Test cricket.

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