• Duo dropped amid sex game allegations

    Batsman Joe Clarke and Tom Kohler-Cadmore have been dropped from the England Lions’ squad for the tour of India later this year.

    Clarke and Kohler-Cadmore were referenced during the rape trial of former Worcestershire teammate Alex Hepburn.

    Hepburn has been charged with assaulting a woman after she reportedly had consensual sex with Clarke. The 23-year-old Hepburn was allegedly motivated by a Whatsapp group chat named ‘stat chat’, used to keep a record of sex with women.

    Kohler-Cadmore was not present on the night in question, but was referenced during the prosecution’s examination.

    ‘After I had got myself into bed, that’s when I first realised that there was a woman in the bed.¬†She rolled over towards me. She kissed me,’¬†Hepburn told the Worcester crown court last week.

    ‘Her eyes were open before we kissed. We kissed on the lips for a matter of seconds. We had sex. She was enjoying it because she was actively engaging with me.

    ‘I was under the impression that what we had been doing was absolutely normal. She just kept asking, “Where is Joe? Where is Joe?” I am completely embarrassed by stat chat.’

    Judge Jim Tindal said: ‘It was effectively a competition – and I regret to use this word, but it seems to be accurate – to “collect” as many sexual conquests as possible. It’s about “collecting” new girls – to them, “freshies”, as they put it.’

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