• CSA won’t engage with Saca ‘via media’

    Cricket South Africa has responded to South African Cricketers’ Association chief executive officer Tony Irish’s surprise at the suspensions of interim director of cricket Corrie van Zyl, chief operating officer Naasei Appiah and commercial manager Clive Eksteen.

    The suspensions came after the South African Cricketers’ Association launched a formal dispute with CSA over unpaid fees for last year’s inaugural edition of the Mzansi Super League.

    ‘We are very surprised that Naasei, Corrie and Clive have been suspended in relation to allegations surrounding CSA’s non-compliance with the 2018 MSL commercial agreement,’ said Irish.

    ‘Saca didn’t deal with Appiah on this issue and in its dealings with Van Zyl and Eksteen over many months they both expressed a strong desire to resolve the payment issue, but it eventually became clear that higher approval to do so was necessary.

    ‘We think it’s highly unlikely that CSA’s chief executive, Thabang Moroe, would not have been aware of this ongoing issue. He was undoubtedly aware of payment obligations as he had signed the agreement.’

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    CSA, however, challenged Saca’s stance and reiterated ambition to replace franchise cricket with provincial competition next year.

    ‘We will continue to engage with Saca on all relevant matters but will not do so via the media,’ read a statement from CSA.

    ‘As the MSL issue has been settled to the satisfaction of both parties there is no need for the independent investigation that Irish has suggested.

    ‘It has to be reiterated that the decision to restructure our domestic cricket was taken by the members’ council whose prerogative it is.

    ‘Furthermore, there is no need for CSA to have any kind of independent investigation into its financial situation.

    ‘These are audited both internally and externally with CSA having been given a clean audit year after year. These financials are available to all in our annual integrated report which is a public document.’

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