• CSA responds to black players’ concerns

    Cricket South Africa have expressed their disappointment that a letter by a group of black cricketers criticising the lack of opportunities at national level has found its way to the media.

    It emerged on Wednesday that a letter was sent to CSA by a group of cricketers calling themselves ‘Black cricketers in unity’.  The letter detailed black players’ disappointment at how they are being used, especially when it comes to national sides.

    According to the letter black players are ‘sick and tired’ of getting picked for national squads, but then failing to get into the starting XI.

    Cricket South Africa have confirmed to SACricketmag.com that they received a letter from a group of black African cricketers regarding transformation and regard the issues raised as serious.

    Altaaf Kazi, head of media and communications at CSA, said it was important that the issue be dealt with urgently and in a thorough and professional manner.

    ‘With the CSA President [Chris Nenzani] and Chief Executive [Haroon Lorgat] currently en route to India, this matter will be deferred until their return to South Africa when it will be given their full attention.’

    Lorgat said: ‘It is disappointing when a letter of this nature finds its way into the media because we do not solve such issues in the media. Matters of this nature need to be dealt with responsibly by all the affected parties before a full and accurate report can be presented to the public.’

    CSA reiterated its ‘sincere commitment to transformation and its stance to adopt aggressive policies in order to reach its transformation goals’.

    ‘It is heartening to note the transformation progress we have made over the past two years and we will not rest until we reach all our goals including our national teams representing all the peoples of our country,’ Lorgat said.

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