• CSA members’ council rejects Nicholson report

    Cricket South Africa’s members’ council has officially rejected the interim board’s proposal of establishing a majority independent board, as recommended by the 2012 Nicholson Report.

    The board and members’ council again met on Saturday to discuss recommendations on the related matter.

    The report suggested that the new, permanent CSA board should be made up of seven independent members and four non-independent members with a completely independent chairperson.

    In a statementc CSA expressed its disappointment at the Members’ Council’s decision not to adopt the recommendations for better structuring in the organisation.

    ‘This is a well-established governance principle, both in South Africa and internationally. It was also supported by advice given to the IB and Members’ Council by renowned company law and governance expert, Michael Katz. 

    The Members’ Council advised that eight of the fourteen Members voted against the notion of an independent Board. In the interests of transparency and in the public interest, we will be requesting the Members’ Council to disclose which Members voted for and against the well-established principle of a majority of independent directors.

    This is integral to good governance and to the restoration of the reputation of cricket in South Africa and internationally, and in order to address historic governance failures which have plagued cricket in South Africa. 

    ‘The IB has always been committed to implementing the mandate given to it by the Minister and endorsed by the Members’ Council on behalf of the people of South Africa.

    ‘The IB is, therefore, disappointed that at this critical juncture for South African cricket, the Members’ Council has chosen to preserve the untenable status quo. Cricket in South Africa is a national good and in doing so, the Members’ Council has not only disappointed the IB, the South African cricketing community but also the South African people at large,’ read the statement.

    The interim board will soon address the matter with the Minister of Sport, Nathi Mthethwa.

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    Andre Huisamen