• CSA agrees to domestic restructuring

    The Cricket South Africa Members’ Council has accepted the David Richardson report to restructure the domestic cricket system in the country.

    Richardson led a task team that provided recommendations early in 2020 for the future restructuring of the game.

    CSA and the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) debated the report for several months before the interim broad recommended the findings to the Members’ Council.

    The new structure will accommodate 15 first class teams, instead of the known six-team franchise system. The teams will be split into two divisions with eight teams in Division 1 and seven teams in Division 2 in a promotion-relegation format.

    Division 1 will follow a similar schedule to the current franchise system, participation in a four-day series, a one-day cup and the annual Mzansi Super League.

    The teams from Division 1 will also contest a knockout T20 competition with the seven teams from Division 2.

    Division 2 players will have an opportunity to play in the MSL via a Player Draft, while its regular season will consist of a four-day and one-day competition..

    Acting CSA Members’ Council President, Rihan Richards said, ‘The resolution to accept and approve the Richardson Committee’s recommendation to restructure the domestic competition is the culmination of a process over many years. It heralds a new era for CSA and its affiliates.

    ‘I must thank Dave Richardson, his committee, and all who have been involved in the process. The support that the resolution received indicates the buy-in from all the stakeholders and a commitment to strengthening South African cricket. We really hope that the system will improve not only access and opportunity at all levels but will contribute to a sustainable CSA and the game.’

    The new structure will aim to improve the current contract system as well as the quality of the country’s cricket coaching.

    CSA also hopes to offer a better pathway for players to develop from club cricket to international cricket.

    ‘After considering the wide-ranging review and consultative process undertaken, the Interim Board recommended adoption of the new domestic cricket structure by the Members’ Council.  This new structure will better serve our transformation goals which includes providing increased playing opportunities at the highest domestic level,’ added Interim Board chairperson Judge Zak Yacoob.

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