• Cronje’s alleged bookie granted bail

    Alleged bookmaker Sanjeev Chawla, who was among the primary accused during the 2000 match-fixing scandal that also involved former Proteas captain Hansie Cronje, has been granted bail.

    Delhi police, however, have challenged the bail granted this week. The Delhi high court has reserved the order and requested both parties to prepare responses.

    The hearing will reportedly commence later this month. Chawla had been extradited to India from the United Kingdom earlier this year.

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    Cronje was relieved of the national captaincy after admitting to accepting bribes from illegal bookmakers in India.

    Hansie Cronje

    ‘I had effectively received money for doing nothing and I rationalised to myself that this was somehow acceptable because I had not actually done anything,’ he said at the time.

    ‘My intention was not to involve the other players, but merely to forecast which way the match would go, looking at the pitch and conditions. Words cannot begin to describe the shame, humiliation and pain I feel, in the knowledge that I have afflicted this on others.

    ‘To my wife, family, and teammates, in particular, I apologise. The greatest honour which can be bestowed upon any cricketer is to lead his country’s national side. I have failed in my moral and professional duties.’

    Other players were implicated, but later acquitted.

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