• CA settle out of court after former employees’ abortion tweets

    Cricket Australia have settled a case with former employee Angela Williamson out of court.

    Williamson was fired after being publicly critical of health minister Michael Ferguson’s comments on Tasmania’s abortion policy.

    She labelled his remarks “irresponsible, gutless and reckless” on Twitter, which effectively breached Cricket Australia’s social media policy.

    “Following ongoing discussions, Cricket Australia, Cricket Tasmania and Williamson have been able to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the matter,” said a CA spokesman.

    Cricket Tasmania chief executive Nick Cummins added: “The cessation of Angela’s employment is not because of personal views, free speech, political speech or government interference.

    “We reaffirm the necessity to administer social media policy while respecting people‚Äôs rights to publish personal views.

    “We stand firm that Angela neglected key requirements of her role as government relations manager to facilitate a strong relationship with the Tasmanian government.”

    Williamson flew to Melbourne to undergo a surgical abortion earlier this year. She was unable to access the service in Hobart.

    “I spoke my mind on a political issue because I believe strongly in the reproductive health rights of Tasmanian women,” she said at the time of the dismissal.

    “I am disappointed the case wasn’t resolved today but I am prepared to continue my fight in the Federal Court.”

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