• Captain’s call to support #Rands4Runs drive

    SA Cricket magazine editor Simon Lewis will be one of six captains in the Highbury Highlanders’ six-person side (it’s hard to have a single leader in a group of editors!) for the annual Sporting Chance media day on Sunday 24 February 2019.

    The day will take place at the PP Smit Sports Grounds, which are a few streets away from Tyger Valley Centre in Bellville.

    The Sporting Chance Foundation inspires South African children to develop a lifelong passion for exercise and sport and to enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle.

    The Foundation is committed to identifying and nurturing natural and raw sports talent among South African children.

    Through the Foundation South African children from impoverished communities are provided the opportunity to play sport in a safe and structured environment, while simultaneously receiving an education on important life skills.

    The Foundation focuses on fostering the upliftment of children by teaching them to prioritise their education and to steer away from social evils.

    The Sporting Chance Foundation was officially registered as an NPO in 2009, although the team had been rolling out community development interventions and programmes since Sporting Chance was launched in 1990.

    Pledge a rand a run a run (or more), or tempt us with cash donations for great catches, wickets, stumpings (unlikely) or jokes told on the field of battle. Or simply pledge a rand amount donation regardless of how well we perform on the field.

    Considering the exchange rate, we reckon that A-Dollar-A-Run or A-Pound-For-Pounding-The-Bowling would also be great. Contributions are welcome from cricket fans around the world.

    Pledge in the comments below or contract Sporting Chance on [email protected] to make your pledge or find out how to pay your donation to the Foundation.

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