• Can England focus on bigger picture after defeat to India?

    The heroic play of Sam Curran in the final stages of the chase had set the stage on fire as England and India put on a truly great display, despite the fact the scoreboard tells a different story. While 14 runs were needed from the final over, England lost by 7. Curran was unbeaten on 95 off 83 and took a kneel as England lost both the ODI and the series.

    There are further opportunities coming up for fans to have a bet on England or India at the likes of BettingGuru.in. But for now, England fans and players will have to settle for being good losers. After their 3-1 Test Series loss in February, England were given a chance to redeem themselves. However, despite giving India a game, they failed to win in either the T201 series or the ODI. England shouldn’t panic despite recently losing to India, a second successive loss in the 50-overs format, according to Joe Butler, the team’s stand-in captain.

    Kings of White-Ball

    England had become used to being the kings of white-ball cricket, with nine straight one-day series wins. They also rank no.1 in the world in both the Twenty20 format and 50 overs. Their seven-run loss to India, however, was only a short time after last year’s loss to Australia.

    Butler led England in the previous two ODI match-ups against India without the injured Eoin Morgan in the side. Butler said that England were giving new talent an opportunity and that the successive defeats weren’t anything to be concerned about.

    Still a Good Team

    Butler was speaking to reporters after the recent loss when he talked about England having played brilliantly for some time. He pointed out that the two losses were two from the previous 11. He said that the team is still a good one, and that they’re adding talent because there are some guys missing, and so some are being given opportunities.

    Butler said that that has been instrumental in them improving, and they shouldn’t put a cap on their potential. He added that they’ll keep on trying to push the boundaries. A loss in the ODI series was another sign of a poor England tour. The side also lost the test series 3-1, as well as a loss in the T20 leg.

    India to Host T20 and 50-Overs and World Cup

    This year’s T20 World Cup will take place in India this year. The country is also set to play host to the 50-Overs World Cup in 2023. As for Butler, he was happy that England were being exposed to the conditions,

    The batsman-wicketkeeper said that it’s a long road to the next World Cup and that England needs to win while learning at the same time. While he admitted that the team is disappointed when that doesn’t happen, there’s a big picture to keep in mind.

    Too Early For Assumptions

    In other news, England bowler Moeen Ali has said it’s too early to assume that this year’s ICC T20 World Cup will be a rematch with India, as he believes that teams like Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan shouldn’t be written off.

    While Ali admitted that England will be considered one of the leading contenders for the competition, he said that the format is a fickle one, and that it’s important for the team to continue honing its skills, rather than being concerned about the results.

    Speaking about the relevance of playing a team like India in the same conditions they can expect to face in the T20 World Cup, Ali said that the rubber benefitted England as they were able to better know their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their competition.

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