• Bangladesh coach: Why can’t we have a reserve day?

    Bangladesh coach Steven Rhodes has expressed frustration at a lack of reserve days, after Tuesday’s World Cup fixture with Sri Lanka was washed out without a delivery bowled.

    The no-result was Sri Lanka’s second of the 2019 tournament – and prevented Bangladesh from building on victory over South Africa earlier this month.

    ‘We put men on the moon, so why can’t we have a reserve day, when actually this tournament is a long tournament. I know logistically it would have been a big headache for the tournament organisers,’ said Rhodes.

    ‘I know that it would have been difficult, but we have got quite a lot of time in between games, and if we have got to travel a day later, then so be it.

    ‘The games are spread out. I would say that it’s disappointing for the crowd as well. They have tickets to see a game of cricket, and you know it would be up to them if they can get there the day after.’

    Sri Lanka skipper Dimuth Karunaratne didn’t necessarily concur with Rhodes. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka fast bowler – whose mother-in-law has passed away – will return home from the United Kingdom. He will, however, return ahead of Sri Lanka’s fixture against Australia at The Oval in London on Saturday.

    ‘If they could put a reserve day it would have been fine. But it’s a major tournament and we’re all playing nine games. I don’t know if they can keep a reserve day for us,’ added Karunaratne.

    ‘The next day you have to travel to a different venue, so it’s not easy. If they can put a reserve day, though, it’s going to be good for the all the spectators and everyone.’

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