• Anderson: Broad can definitely have same oomph

    Fast bowler James Anderson has insisted teammate Stuart Broad be afforded credit for a redesigned run-up and renewed vigour for Test cricket.

    Anderson has taken 565 wickets in 145 Test matches to Broad’s 433 in 124. Both will be key during the upcoming Test series against the West Indies in the Caribbean. Broad, meanwhile, has shortened his run-up by five metres.

    ‘I’ve not seen anyone work as hard as he has on their game. It’s a credit to him. He’s put so many hard yards in, not just on his run-up, but on his action and trying to swing the ball away again,’ said Anderson.

    ‘I do think the run-up has looked really good here. He still has the same snap, the same momentum going through the crease. For me, it’s all about the last six yards, building that momentum up to the crease. He can definitely have the same oomph. And it might just get another couple of years out of him.’

    England relished solid preparation during twin fixtures against the West Indies Cricket Board President’s XI in Cave Hill recently, ahead of three Tests in Bridgetown, North Sound and Gros Islet.

    ‘I think the bowlers have really enjoyed their first week here. The Dukes ball has been moving around a bit and swung for quite a considerable amount of time. So that’s encouragement,’ added Anderson.

    ‘There might be a little bit of swing through the air and that just keeps you interested. It feels you can actually make an impact on the game. It just makes you excited to bowl and really look forward to playing.’

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