– Shane Warne, while commenting on the Australia vs South Africa ODI at Perth on Sunday.

‘At the end of the day you’ve got to play cricket, it’s a simple game and it’s a performance-based game. You’ve got to perform on the field. All these words and everything, it’s all about actions and I think it’s all about basics,’ said Warne, according to a report by ESPN Cricinfo.

‘You can write your 200-page document, you can have sports science and high performance and all that other ridiculous stuff. I think some of the stuff they’re worrying about is trying to look like they’re doing the right thing. You can’t forget what Australians are, their DNA, and that is hard, aggressive, positive cricket and then play fairly. The captain and vice-captain lead the way and the rest come after you. You inspire, inspire from within with your performances and the way you perform on the field.

‘None of this writing words, 200-page documents, just get out and play better,‘ stressed Warne.